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Build your community

It starts with you and continues at Stanford

The Stanford MBA Program is designed to encourage a culture of collaboration. Our faculty is here to guide you in the classroom and serve as advisors beyond the syllabus. Here, your classmates are your colleagues — not your competitors. This camaraderie and culture continues with our alumni, who are active and engaged in giving back to Stanford GSB students. The relationships you forge here will last a lifetime, contributing to your personal growth and shaping your future.

A supportive community, in the broadest sense of the word

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Classmates and alumni

Working together is strongly encouraged at Stanford GSB — and intimate class sizes make that easy to do. Your classmates will come from all over the world, with varied and ambitious goals. You’ll support and challenge each other as you move through the program. Once you graduate, you’ll continue working together as part of an extensive alumni network.

Guest speaker Oprah being interviewed by a student at the GSB

Faculty and speakers

Our faculty is world-renowned and student-focused. Our teaching approach fully embraces collaboration, with faculty bringing some of the most interesting and vibrant executive leaders to campus to share personal and professional stories that inspire and enlighten.