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Connecting with exceptional professionals

You have the ambition. They have the experience. At Stanford GSB, you’ll be surrounded by experts — world-renowned faculty, practitioner lecturers, high-profile guest speakers, and industry-leading alumni. And our intimate class size makes it easier to connect with all of them on a personal and professional level. Their support and insight will open doors to new ideas and resources that will be invaluable to you — both on your MBA journey and well into the future.

GSB Mentoring Network

Through our GSB mentoring network, you can find guidance from people with first-hand experience and personal insights that will help you on your journey. Connect with peers and alumni, either one-on-one and in-person, or online and over the phone.

While at the GSB, I worked closely with members of the Alumni Women's Initiative Network to support the women on campus, creating lifelong friends and mentors. I am thankful for the time that the incredible alumni base invested in me from my admission, through my time in the program, and beyond and love "paying it back" through my time with current students.
Lydia Jett
Portrait of Lydia Jett

Accessible Faculty

Smaller class sizes keep our world-renowned faculty and practitioner lecturers well within reach. Drop in during office hours or reach out for more personal, in-depth mentorship. They’re happy to provide advice on everything from class projects to business ideas.

A former student and mentee recently called me before undergoing open-heart surgery. He wanted me to know how much he respected and valued our relationship. I was teaching in Ghana at the time for SEED Africa and flew to London a week after he was discharged to make a surprise visit to his home. That is the kind of bond students form with faculty at the GSB — genuine, heartfelt, and lifelong.
Baba Shiv, Sanwa Bank, Ltd.
Portrait of Baba Shiv

View From The Top

The Dean’s premier speaker series gets you up close to some of the sharpest minds working today. Hear from CEOs, founders, and senior executives as they open up about their leadership style, values, and thought process as they’ve progressed through their career.

Now more than ever, the world needs leadership. Leadership that is not bound to the ways of the past but, instead, resolved to create a better future. As a community, we at VFTT made it our mission to paint an inclusive portrait of leadership built upon values, missions, and purpose rather than race, gender, and sexuality. Sharing a moment on stage with Stephen Curry, a leader from my community, was my most rewarding experience at the GSB.


Tylon Garrett