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Global Experiences

We can talk about the global economy and a global perspective, but to really understand the nuances of global management, you need to live it firsthand. The Stanford MBA Global Experience Requirement immerses you in a hands-on opportunity in a new country. For many students, it's the highlight of their time here at the GSB.

Five teams. Five cameras. One week abroad as a Stanford MBA student.

A global experience means something different for each student — where you go, who you meet, what you do. Here’s a peek.

Students laughing during their academic week abroad

Your global experience is personal

Choose the global experience that best fits your goals, or create your own.

Students abroad discussing a project


The Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX) gives you the chance to go all in and fully absorb the culture, environment, and social norms of a country new to you by working for a sponsoring organization.


This small-group learning laboratory provides you a first opportunity to increase your intercultural agility and to develop deep relationships with your classmates before you start the Stanford MBA program. You will engage in experiential learning activities and discussions with classmates to more effectively understand, analyze, and engage across intercultural differences. You will also hear from a diverse array of global business leaders to gain nuanced perspectives on the real-world imperatives of navigating differences across teams, organizations, and societies.


This intensive group learning experience is run by student leaders and gives you the opportunity to critically examine a challenging global issue from a variety of perspectives. You’ll synthesize your new knowledge with your peers, student leaders, and a faculty member.


The Stanford-Tsinghua Exchange Program (STEP) involves collaborating with MBA students from Tsinghua University in China in a Stanford GSB course. You’ll spend time in Beijing, hosted by Tsinghua, and reciprocate when students visit Stanford.


This experience is completely up to you, with support from Stanford GSB  — intern overseas, develop an independent study course, or whatever else you can dream up that fulfills your passions.