Animated GIF says "it all starts with an idea, it all starts at Stanford, it all starts with you."

Lead from the heart

Principled, compassionate leadership starts with you

What does it mean to lead from the heart? At Stanford GSB, it means two things: leading authentically and leading ethically. Leading authentically comes from playing to your strengths, knowing yourself, and finding your natural leadership style. Our program encourages you to ask yourself the hard questions, building the self-awareness needed to become a great leader.

Leading ethically is rooted in your convictions. It’s acting with integrity without hesitation. We call it principled leadership — having a sense of responsibility not just to your organization, but to society at large and the world. We'll help you hone your instincts as a principled leader through self-reflection, study, and practice.

Our commitment to principled leadership

Today’s business leaders are facing challenges that will have far-reaching impacts on our global community — from the steady rise of powerful, new technologies to persistent issues like climate change and systemic oppression. By changing old ways of thinking and through mindful, responsible action, we can change lives, change organizations, and change the world.

Dean Jon Levin speaking at a commencement ceremony

Dean Jon Levin

“We are at a moment in time when the connection between business and society is being examined anew. I resolve to invest in Stanford GSB’s commitment to educating leaders who will think broadly of their role in society, and our intellectual efforts to think both critically and constructively about how business can foster inclusive innovation and growth.”